Restaurant Types and Styles

Restaurants come in a variety of styles that include classic British, Italian and German. Check out the Bar and Restaurant in Kingston soon and enjoy their many delicious offerings.

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Restaurants come in a variety of styles that include classic British, Italian and German. Restaurants offer a variety of tasty ways to enjoy food with offerings that are as different as the colors of a rainbow. There are several styles of restaurants; casual, family style, fine dining and fast food. The Bar and Restaurant in Kingston is a European style restaurant that is worth your visit.

European restaurants in US 

For those looking for great tasting European food, The Homestead Inn, in Greenwich, Connecticut, offers dishes like Maine lobster risottos and Parmesan-Reggiano lace and roasted loin of venison with bow-tie pasta gratin. Born in the Black Forest of Germany near the Alsatian border, Chef Thomas Henkelmann acquired his extensive culinary training in parts of France, Germany, and Switzerland.

Why do so many prefer European style dining?

European style dining has much to offer those seeking a fine dining experience. For one thing, there is no tipping required in European restaurants. In addition, there is a more relaxed atmosphere and chefs are encouraged to be creative in their cooking. Europeans care more about food; how it is cooked and presented, much more than in the U.S. In addition there is a more relaxed atmosphere; customers are not encouraged to hurry their meals. 

What can you expect from a European restaurant?

Most European restaurants offer a more lively and creative environment; one that offers delicious food and an interior atmosphere that is sometimes Bohemian or refined and stylish. Service at European restaurants is more professional but very friendly. Portions are usually smaller; however, you are expected to order more courses. Salads often come at the end of the meal and the tip is included in the bill. 

Italian and British restaurants

At Michelangelo's in Cleveland Ohio you will find offerings like Antipasti Misti, which are cured sliced meats, imported cheeses, grilled vegetables and marinated Sicilian olives. Other meals are Carpaccio Di Salmone Con Grappa and Carpaccio Di Manzo Con Olio Di Tartufi.

A British restaurant, Elephant & Castle Pub & Restaurant in Vancouver, serves dishes like Shepherd's pie, Chips turkey club, Yorkshire pudding and French dipbangers. In addition, there are plenty of drinks available during and after meals besides ale and beer.